Craft 360 degrees
Craft 360 degrees
  • Craft 360 publishes tutorials on DIY crafts, Traditional Indian art, Crochet, Sewing and paper craft with simple and easy to follow instructions. 
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Traditional Indian Art (click here for more tutorials)

India is known for its rich traditions and culture. You will find art in various forms such as kolam, mandala, folk art (painting), handicraft etc. in almost every household in India. It is surprising to know that these art forms are passed on from one generation to another for many centuries. With the recent globalisation, we have been able to get in touch with these art forms. We at craft360degrees use modern materials and mediums to recreate these art forms. Check out our tutorials to begin your take on Indian traditional art.  

DIY Craft (click here for more tutorials)

Get yourself some craft time off and work on these simple DIY project. The materials used in our DIY project are easily available in market. Simple instructions assisted with video tutorial, makes our DIY projects easier to follow.

Paper Craft (click here for more tutorials)

Paper is a relatively inexpensive medium, readily available, and easier to work with. Did you know that various forms of paper crafts are used in the education of children. Pick out a simple paper craft tutorial from our blog and start crafting your own masterpiece. From simple greeting card to origami. Enjoy making a paper craft from our blog.

Crochet (click here for more tutorials)

Crochet is a process by which yarn or thread and a single hook of any size can be used to make fabric, lace, garments , accessories and toys. We post crochet projects with written instructions and video tutorials along with details of how to choose your materials, tips and tricks. You would have never imagined crocheting to be easy and fun before.