Craft 360 degrees
Craft 360 degrees

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Crochet Ripple Granny Scarf

Enjoy making this simple and easy ripple granny pattern with easy to follow video tutorial.


Skill level - Beginner 

Materials used 

  1. Red heart super (print) yarn 
  2. 5mm susan bates crochet hook. 
  3. Susan bates Yarn needle to secure the ends of scarf.

Below is the video tutorial to mak...
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Circular Granny 

Materials Required:

Acrylic Yarn - 100 gms

Crochet Needle - 5mm


Yarn needle

How to choose the Yarn?

100% Cotton or blended yarn -  for placemats, coasters, rugs and pillow cases

100% Acrylic or blended yarn - for placemats, coasters and pillow cases

T-Shirt yarn - for placemats, coast...

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Floral Tealight Holder
A simple floral tealight holder you could make in just under 15 mins.
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