Craft 360 degrees
Craft 360 degrees

DIY custom bag using Fabric painting technique

Amirta R
13.11.20 10:41 AM Comment(s)

With simple fabric painting technique and easily available materials make your own customised bag.

Materials Required - 

1. Cloth bag

2. Paint - (Colours of your choice)

Option 1 - Fabric paint ; Option 2 - Acrylic paint with textile medium

3. Plastic / foam sheet

4. Pencil to trace the design (You may choose to use a washable marker as well)

5. Template (or make your own design)

6. Fine round brush size 0

(I used liquitex textile medium and favicryl acrylic paint.)

Find below the video tutorial for the project and downloadable template (used in video) for DIY bag.

Downloadable Template
To download template, Right click --> Save image as