Craft 360 degrees
Craft 360 degrees

DIY designer tray

Amirta R
18.09.20 11:15 AM Comment(s)

Materials Required

Plain wooden tray 


Acrylic Paint -  colours of your choice

Paint brush

Clear lacquer spray / clear varnish

Follow the below steps to make designer tray - 

(For video scroll down)

Step 1- Paint the tray base with white acrylic paint. Tip-  use masking tape in corners for even lines in sides.

Step 2 - Cut paper as shown. (fold paper in two, cut the open ends in shape of your choice)

Step 3 -Trace the cut paper in the tray as shown (from centre). This shape acts as windows within which motifs can be drawn)

Step 4 -  Draw motifs of your choice. You can draw using pencil/ paint with light pink / any light colour paint.

Step 5 - Start painting with base colour . Make 2nd coating , after 1st coating dries (if required).

Step 6 - Start painting the motifs in order of colour. (Start painting the motifs in order of colour. (for e.g., all petals (orange) at once, centre (Red), then leaf (Green))

Step 7 - Outline the motifs and windows with black paint.

Step 8 - Paint the windows with desired colour and outline it with black paint.

Step 9 - Leave the paint to dry for a few hours/ overnight. Later use the clear lacquer/ varnish to make the surface waterproof.

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