Craft 360 degrees
Craft 360 degrees

Floral Tealight Holder

Amirta R
30.03.20 03:47 PM Comment(s)

A simple floral tealight holder you could make in just under 15 mins.



1. Yarn - Light pink & Dark pink 100% acrylic yarn 25gms each (or any colour of your choice) for 5mm size needle

2. Crochet needle - 5mm

3. Scissors


Approx = Approximately 

Beg = Beginning 

Ch = Chain(s)

Rep = Repeat

Sl st = Slip stitch 

Sp(s) = Space(s) 

St(s) = Stitch(es) 

ScTog = Single Crochet Together 

Sc = Single Crochet

Hdc = Half Double Crochet

Dc = Double Crochet

Tr = Treble crochet

FPSc = Front Post Single Crochet


5.75" X 5.75"


1st Row -  Chain 6 and Sl st with the first chain.

2nd Row -  Chain 2 , Hdc inside the ring , Ch 1. Rep 2Hdc , Ch1 Rep 5 times and Sl st at the top of Ch 2 in the Beg of the Row..

(Total number of Hdc =12, Ch = 6)

Row 3 - Sc in Ch1 Sp, Ch 4 and Sl st in same Sc at the Beg, Sc in next St Rep 5 times. Now 6 petals are created. 

Row 4 - Sc in nect St; Inside the Picot created in Row 3 Sc, Hdc,Dc,Tr, Ch 2 and Sl st in first Ch (picot with 2 chains),Tr,Dc,Hdc,Sc, ScTog for next 2 St(s). Rep for 5 times to complete 6 Petals. Sl st with the Sc in the Beg and fasten off the yarn.


Row 5 - Change yarn colour, Sc all around the petals, when you reach the Picot make in Row 4, Sc, 3 Ch picot, Sc. Rep the same pattern all around. Sl st at the end and fasten off the thread. Tuck in the excess Yarn .

Row 6 - Make a standing FPSc in Row 3, Ch 1 (in the gap between previous and next St) , FPSc in next Stitch. Rep Sc, Ch1 till the round is complete and fasten off the thread. Tuck in the excess yarn below .

Tips & Suggestions:

1. You could increase the number of rows after Row 6 to match the height of Tealight .

2. You can start the base for the flower with Magic ring instead of joining 6Sc.