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Craft 360 degrees

Reusable DIY Face Mask paper cutting (Size L/ M/ S)

Amirta R
25.04.20 05:40 AM Comment(s)

Reusable DIY Face Mask paper cutting & stitching

You need following materials to make the face mask in tutorial 

1. Sheet of paper measuring 17.5 cm X 17.5 cm 

2. Marker/ pencil/ sketch pens 

3. Ruler/ inch tape 

4. Scissor 

 5. Cloth - Any breathable fabric preferably cotton 

6. Sewing needle & thread to match the Fabric

Video Tutorial link 

Reusable DIY Face Mask paper cutting (adults/ size L) -

Reusable DIY Face Mask paper cutting (size M) -

Reusable DIY Face Mask paper cutting (kids/ size S) -

Reusable DIY Face Mask- cutting & stitching -


1. Make paper cutting as shown in the picture below

2. Once the markings are made on the paper , make a seam allowance of 0.6 cm (1/4 in) marking with dotted lines inside.

3. Cut the outline of mask paper cutting along the points A-C-E-G-I-J-D-B-A

4. Fold cloth into 2, and place the the paper cutting on the cloth. the line G-I measuring [ 6 cm in size S], [6.4 cm in size M] , [6.5 cm in size L] on the fold.

(please refer to link - "video tutorial"  after the material required section on top , if you need more clarity on this instruction).

5.Trace the paper cutting outline with a marker/ pen over the cloth.Make 2 traces on the cloth , as we need 2 pieces for making 1 mask.

6. Cut the traced outline and keep aside 2 pieces for making the mask.

7. Stitch each piece of cloth along I-J.

8. Place the right side of the mask over each other and stitch along the lines, A-C-E-G-E-C-A and B-D-J-D-B.

9. Pull the stitched cloth inside out. And fold inside along the edges A-B. Fold this pice again towards the backside of mask where it folds at C-D. Make this fold for the other side of the mask as well.

10.Stitch along the lines A-E-G-E-A-B-J-B-A.

11. Make ear loops measuring 15-17 cms and attach it on the either ends of the mask.

Reusable Face Mask
Reusable DIY Face Mask