Craft 360 degrees
Craft 360 degrees

Simple Mandala Pattern 2

Amirta R
22.05.20 11:55 AM Comment(s)

A simple mandala with leaves and petals motifs

Mandalas are a symbol of powerful existence, a period of creativity, and a deeper connection with the universe and own self at large. Something magical happens inside you when you draw mandalas. Drawing them is fun! 

Even today, people use mandalas widely for meditation, healing, recovery, art therapy, and prayer.

Mandalas are also said to reduce pain and stress, ease depression, lower blood pressure, boost the immune system, and even promote sleep.

To engage in drawing beautiful mandalas, you don’t have to be a professional, have mad artistic skills, or a degree in arts. All you need to do is work on drawing circles to relieve stress, anxiety, and internal disturbances. Believe it, and magic happens when you draw mandalas!

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