Craft 360 degrees
Craft 360 degrees

Sew Pencil pouch with zipper

Amirta R
27.06.21 03:37 AM Comment(s)

Materials Required

  1. Zipper - 9”
  2. Cloth - 2 pcs - 10”X5”
  3. Lining- 2 pcs - 10”X5”
  4. Cloth for covering the zipper - 2 pcs - 2”X2”
  5. Interface (I have used iron on interface) - 2 pcs - 10”X5”
  6. Matching Thread
  7. Scissors
  8. Chopstick / or pencil to pull out the edges in corner

How to customise pouch?

Cloth , Lining, Interface measurements

Length - Size of Zipper +1” - 1.5”

    Height - As required +1”

Step 1 - Attaching tabs to the zipper

Cut tabs to desired length - Length of zipper from ends to metal ring + 0.75” or you can do it as seen in video physically placing the cloth over the zipper to determine the size. Height =2”. Sew them onto the zipper as seen in video.

Step 2 - Attaching zipper to the pouch

Place in order - outer cloth (RS facing up), zipper (RS facing down), lining (RS facing down).  Sew them as seen . (Use zipper foot if available or leave min 0.25 seam). Repeat for other side. (Attach the interface to outer cloth before this step)

Step 3 -  Top stitch  Top stitch

Top stitch along either side of the zippers.

Step 4 - Sew edges of pouch

Keep the outer cloth and lining RS facing each other. (Note- Keep zipper open) Pin them if required to align them perfectly. Sew along the edges leaving 0.25 seam allowance (leave 2” unstitched in lining cloth either on one side or at the bottom). Do not stitch over the tabs for square finish along edges.

Step 5- Pull out the RS of the pouch

Pull out fabric through the unstitched part in lining . Use pencil or chopstick to straighten the edges.

Step 6 - Sew the unstitched part in lining

Sew the unstitched part on pouch on machine or hand sew them. Push them back into the pouch.